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Brett Burgeson / Breaking Par Golf Academy has improved every single part of my golf game. He understands the golf swing and uses Trackman and video analysis to clearly communicate what is going on with my golf swing.  Brett is upbeat, humble and kind in his golf lessons. You can tell he has a passion for teaching and takes pride in helping students of all abilities, including my wife and our two (junior aged) children.  He makes learning fun and the whole family is looking forward to working with him again in the future!

Rob Williamson and family

I've had three lessons with Brett over the course of 2019 and in that time I've seen my handicap come down from a 20 plus to a 14 and in August shot my best round ever a 79. Brett helped me change my swing, make better contact with the ball, manage the course better, hit the ball further and many other things to help improve my golf confidence and scores. I would highly recommend Brett for lessons to improve your game.

Graham Maclaughlin

I have taken lessons with golf instructors before and Brett is by far the best instructor I have ever had!  He is very professional and truly interested in improving your game. Brett’s instruction is such that he makes it so easy to remember. 

Through watching and videoing my swing he quickly identified any weakness and we have worked together to improve all aspects of my game.   My game has improved immensely!

Thanks Brett!

Jennifer Smith

“I had been playing golf for years but hadn’t taken lessons since I was a junior. I started working with Brett in the off-season and was quickly impressed with his knowledge and passion for the game. With Brett’s instruction I’ve been able to shoot some of my best scores. He will make you a better golfer”.

Oliver A. Potestio

"I get simple, actionable and understandable coaching from Brett. Working with Brett I've developed a clear understanding of where I am and where I need to go. He recognized and adapted to my learning style. With me, he utilizes state of the art tech to enhance my experience and dial in on what matters. He's got a great demeanor and is really supportive. I'll definitely keep working with Brett.

Scott Liliedahl

Brett quickly pinpoints a couple of elements to work on. He doesn't overload you and creates a positive learning environment. Brett has a very likeable personality and gives positive and constructive feedback. I sincerely recommend Brett, whether you are just starting or if in need of a bit of "tweaking'.

Kevin Carswell

Brett has a teaching style that is calming and very positive in tone and approach. He was able to provide me with clear swing fixes at the very first lesson and his focus on the positives in my swing and easily relatable analogies gave me swing thoughts for the course that worked every time. Result? 5 strokes off the cap this year and breaking 80. Who would have thought they'd be improving and playing better in their 60's? If you're younger than that, imagine what you could accomplish. Not only am I more confident in my game and the resulting scores, but I think Brett is as pleased about it as I am. Amazing.  

Rob Davies

Brett is an extremely patient instructor who's expertise is evident in his ability to determine problem areas and how to most efficiently correct them. Brett WILL make you better!

Jacquie Christie

Best lesson ever! I have been playing golf for 30 years with a current handicap stuck at 12 for the last several years. I purchased the 1 month lesson program from Brett and got immediate positive results. Brett is meticulous about the grip, setup, posture, alignment and finish. After every lesson he sent me a video breakdown of what we worked on which I found to be very helpful in understanding what I was doing wrong and what I needed to work on in order to improve my game. If you’re looking to take your game to the next level I highly recommend Brett Burgeson to help get you there!

Jarret Aaltonen

So glad I met Brett, after taking golf lessons with him the game is finally fun for me! I am very grateful for the time he has spent with me!

Rebecca Shannon

"We took five lessons together with Brett this past summer.  He individualized our needs, and we both agree our games have improved. His instructions were easy to follow and each lesson focussed on only one or two key points that made it easier to practice what he taught. The videos that accompanied each lesson were great.  We would recommend Brett to anyone who wants to improve their enjoyment of the game."  

Jean & John Webb

Brett is an incredible and patient instructor. He is able to pin point your problem areas and give you simple drills and ways to practice without overloading you with information. I would highly recommend Brett.

Norm Wojak

Brett’s an excellent instructor. I’ve been taking lessons for the last year and have seen my game improve steadily. He’s got a great approach.

Doug Mackenzie

Brett is a great teacher.  I really enjoy his approach to working with me as a student - he explains the changes in a way that I can readily execute and make my game better.  I have taken lessons from him for the past two years and I have gone from a 12 handicap down to a 7!

Looking forward to doing some work with him on the simulators over the winter.

Bryan Swanton

This summer I had the pleasure of having Brett Burgeson work with me on all aspects of my game at the beautiful Kamloops Golf & Country Club driving range.  After meeting Brett at my first lesson, I felt that the one month package of lessons offered me the best option to hopefully see improvement from my full swing to my short game.  Brett is a calm, patient, thorough and very knowledgeable instructor who was able to give me great feedback and taught in a way that made it easy for me to picture how to implement his recommendations, and the video of my lesson I was able to access online afterwards helped me to remember my cues.  During the course of my lessons, I appreciated that he assessed my swing but also didn’t try to overwhelm me by changing everything; instead, he focused on smaller “tweaks” that worked with the strengths I already had.  While I enjoyed all of the lessons, as a fairly new golfer, the absolute best and most fun lesson was the playing lesson where Brett accompanied me through 9 holes on the course and gave me suggestions on not just my technique but also course management and how to think about the shaping my shots, which was invaluable.  That day is by far one of my favourite golfing experiences; it was really neat that Brett was excited when I made some great shots during the lesson, and I truly felt like I was just hanging out with a really cool friend who just knew a lot about golf:  the bonus was that having made some good shots during the lesson also gave me a lot more confidence when I was playing future games.  I am definitely closer to my ultimate goal of beating my husband.  I highly recommend Brett!

Cheryl Madsen

Brett really understands the swing and how to get the best swing for each individual golfer

Jean Prince

Brett has a passion for golf and for teaching that shows in his lessons.    I took a series of lessons from Brett in which he helped me develop my golf swing.    

As a result I am swinging with more freedom, power, and confidence.    He also gave me insights into how to approach the game of golf which has 

made a huge difference to my game.   Golf is now more enjoyable with less frustration.   

I would definitely recommend him to anyone at any level who wants to improve their game.’

Rob Stenner

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